Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers

How I Went From $100 to Millions in Real Estate - Maricela Soberanes

May 26, 2021 Jerome Myers - The Preeminent Authority on Dream Realization
Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers
How I Went From $100 to Millions in Real Estate - Maricela Soberanes
Show Notes

A dream is only crazy until you make it happen. Take it from Maricela Soberanes, who will share her amazing story of success.


Welcome back, Dreamcatchers! In today’s episode, we’ll hear from Maricela Soberanes, co-founder of Up Plex Living, a property management company from Austin, Texas. Moving to the United States without knowing anyone, not being able to speak English, and with just $100 in her pocket, Maricela persevered and climbed her way to success. As a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist, Maricela also joined the U.S. Navy and served as a medical volunteer overseas. 

Maricela has been in the real estate world for 17 years. She and her husband founded Up Plex Living, a company managing millions worth of real estate today. We’ll dive in deeper to Maricela’s amazing story - from having just $100 to her name to making millions in real estate. 

There’s a lot of value in this story, so listen in!

[00:01 - 08:58] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce Maricela to the show
  • Maricela shares her humble beginnings  
    • Why she moved to the United States
    • The challenge of not being able to speak English as an immigrant
    • Earning her Master’s and Doctorate degree
    • How she started in real estate

[08:59 - 21:32] Diving Deeper into Maricela’s Amazing Story

  • Maricela shares the people who helped her start out
  • Her worst fears during the process
  • How losing a loved one affected her pursuit of success
  • Why she considers helping others a reward
  • Maricela on having resilience and spirit

[21:33 - 26:19] Closing Segment

  • What Maricela is most grateful for
    • Why health is the most important thing of all
  • The next dreams to catch
    • Giving back to her community
    • How she plans to catch her next dream of helping more people

Tweetable Quotes:

“Motivation without action is not gonna take you anywhere. The action plus the commitment is what’s gonna take you to places ” - Maricela Soberanes

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