Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers

From High School Dropout to Billion Dollar Valuation - Sofia Castro

May 16, 2021 Jerome Myers - The Preeminent Authority on Dream Realization
Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers
From High School Dropout to Billion Dollar Valuation - Sofia Castro
Show Notes

Can High School Dropouts turn their lives around and build an empire that is worth a billion dollars?

In this episode of Dreamcatchers, I have invited the amazing Sofia Castro. Sofia and her husband Bobby were able to come from the humble beginnings of investing $1800 for a tiny manual on how to lease heavy equipment to building a company that was valued at a billion-dollar valuation.

Listen to her story and find out how she made her dreams a reality through hard work and full effort.

Connect with our guest!

Get in touch with Sofia on Instagram (@officialsofiacastro), LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/sofia-castro-252535195), and Facebook(Sofia-Estrada-Castro). Visit her website http://sofiacastroofficial.com/ to know more.

[03:12] Sofia’s humble beginnings

  • She grew up in a family where parents struggle with working 4 different jobs
  • She built a 450 million dollar worth of portfolio in Multifamily


[09:04] From High School Dropout to Billion Dollar Valuation

  • Getting to the next level
  • We were so blessed to be able to get to where we are at today by just doing it ourselves
  • Finding multifamily buildings and turning them into individual units and sell them as a condo
  • We were buying when nobody wanted to buy and we sold when everybody wanted to buy


[18:27] Was there a rock bottom?

  • Of course, 100%! We lost everything on our prior business. We had to live with my parents.


[20:14] Pushing ALL the chips in

  • If we have an idea or investment that we both like. We throw it ALL in, we go big or go home.
  • Celebrating and enjoying life

[28:42] Building Generational wealth

  • What do you think is the biggest difference between the way you looked at the world at the age of 19 and the age 50?
  • What are you most grateful for?
  • What dream are you focus on catching next?
  • What gift have you given the world?
  • What’s the one thing you want the listeners to take away from this conversation?


Tweetable Quote/s:

“Whoever doesn’t do what they want and get where they want in today’s day, it’s like… I don’t feel sorry for you. You’re just not putting that full effort into what you want.” - Sofia Castro

“When it comes down to either celebrating or enjoying life, I do it at 100% because I tell everybody you live once and if you don’t enjoy it now when can you live it?” - Sofia Castro

“You can do whatever you want to do. Just put your focus, put your hard efforts into it and have PMA all day every day and I guarantee you, you will get what you want.” - Sofia Castro


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