Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers

Luxury Resort Capital Hacking - Josh McCallen

April 11, 2021 Winject Studios
Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers
Luxury Resort Capital Hacking - Josh McCallen
Show Notes

In each and every one of us, there lies an untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. With that being said, Josh McCallen formed his life mission: to help people take the red pill. 

Welcome back to Dreamcatchers! In today’s episode, I welcome Josh McCallen of Capital Hacking. He is an expert in multifamily real estate, a community servant-leader, and a fellow podcaster. He will share his journey into financial freedom and how his genuine love for people has propelled him to his success.

His idea of treating everyone in the business as a community makes him stand out among the other entrepreneurs, and his emphasis on the importance of failing and getting back up practically makes him an invincible businessman. With that, let’s jump right in!

[00:01 - 11:00] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce Josh McCallen to the show
  • See links below to get in touch with Josh
  • Josh’s journey into capital hacking
  • Jumping into the real estate
  • Helping people take the red pill
  • Find out why Josh McCallen’s investing strategies stand out from the rest

[11:01 - 18:31] People Who Helped Along the Way 

  • It’s always about the human capital
  • Stumbling to different people through podcasting
  • Hospitality as the secret sauce
  • Josh shares how he attracts different wealthy people
  • Putting yourself out there and being vulnerable

[18:32 - 24:02] Responding to the Challenges

  • Having a team around you
  • Turning failures into lessons and not quitting 

[24:03 - 37:04] The Red Pill Moment 

  • Josh shares what kept him going amidst the challenges
  • Josh talks about his fears
  • Getting punched once in a while in your path to success
  • Harnessing the anxieties
  • Going solo gets you there faster but having a team gets you farther

[37:05 - 47:03] Closing Segment

  • What are you most grateful for?
  • I share what made me who I am today
  • What’s next in Capital Hacking?
  • What should the listeners take away from this?
    • Helping people realize their power

Tweetable Quotes:

“There’s so much power in each of us, but we have to take the red pill. Capital Hacking is dedicated to helping people take the red pill.” - Josh McCallen

“99% of why you invest in a deal should be the people who run the deal.” - Josh McCallen

“It’s okay to fail as long as you’re striving for something beautiful. It’s much better than just not striving, right?” - Josh McCallen

You can connect with Josh through LinkedIn, Facebook and you can check out his podcast “Capital Hacking” on Itunes.

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