Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers

$300,000,000 in Commercial Real Estate in 3 Years - Esther Reizes

March 14, 2021 Winject Studios
Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers
$300,000,000 in Commercial Real Estate in 3 Years - Esther Reizes
Show Notes

A lot of people do their businesses for the money or for some other reason. But, our guest for today will show us that it could be like a walk in the park with no bounds nor pressure. 

In today’s episode of Dreamcatchers, I welcome real estate entrepreneur and former speech-language pathologist Esther Reizes to talk about her journey and how she overcame the challenges along her way.

Despite earning millions, Esther will prove that real estate could still be fun and not just your typical grind. She will also share that there is still hope and opportunities for people even in their deepest and lowest moments. After all, our motivations should reflect what we truly want and who we really are deep inside. 

[00:01 - 9:34] Opening Segment 

  • I welcome Esther to the show
  • See links below to get in touch with Esther
  • Esther’s journey to who she is today
  • Being a speech-language pathologist
  • Shifting to a real estate career

[9:35 - 17:51] Relationships

  • Esther talks about how she got to where she is on her own
  • Started meeting and connecting with people through real estate
    • Transparency and referrals
  • Esther expresses her genuine interest in real estate 
    • Not being bound by goals and pressure

[17:52 - 26:49] Challenges Along the Way 

  • Esther tells a story of when her son was hospitalized for months and its implications
    • How being a speech pathologist helped her son
  • Realizing that you’re meant for something greater
  • Your “why” being yourself

[26:50 - 34:25] Turning Your Career Into Your Hobby

  • Not taking your role for granted and doing it even if it’s not convenient
  • Esther talks about her future website and team
  • Esther talks about maintaining humbleness
  • Health practices that make Esther’s life stable
    • Healthy diet and exercise
  • Being realistic and goal-oriented

[34:26 - 41:10] Eating Culture and Approach to Life

  • Staying away from sugary foods or junk foods in general
  • Not eating dairy and meat products together
    • Trains you to have boundaries
  • Esther talks about her life today vs back in Brooklyn

[41:11 - ] Closing Segment

  • What should the listeners take away from this?
    • There are always opportunities. It’s never too late. 
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Yes there’s a ‘why’. You need to provide financial sustenance for your family. But then, the ‘why’ is me. I personally love what I’m doing.” - Esther Reizes

“Health is no.1 because that’s your first life insurance.” - Esther Reizes

“10% of life is what happened and 90% is how you react to it.” - Esther Reizes

You can connect with Esther through Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook

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