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Do You Really Want To Win or Look Good Losing? - Duron Chandler

April 26, 2021 Jerome Myers
Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers
Do You Really Want To Win or Look Good Losing? - Duron Chandler
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This morning as I was reviewing my notes from Duron’s call last night I realized how fortunate I am to be a part of a community committed to helping people live their best lives. Duron made mention of how important his network’s support was in him smashing his goals. The conversation gave me confirmation that our movement is a necessary one. Helping people attain their dreams is our sole purpose and we are so happy that he has allowed us to go on this journey with him. It is so hard to believe this guy was in approximately 60k of debt and took 2 years to find work in his field of study after college. Today he has passive real estate investments outside of his 401k, a fully funded emergency fund, a happy marriage, a new child on the way, and so much more. It confirms that the strategies work when the appropriate level of effort is applied. I took a lot of notes during this call but the highlights from my view are below:For many people it seems like a life without discipline is the good life. Early on Duron spent his money frivolously. He bought project cars, ATVs, partied every weekend and stopped taking care of his body. Today, he has left those unhealthy habits behind and the majority of his decisions are the opposite of what he did in his mid 20s.•Do you really want to win or look good losing?oWill you take full responsibility for your situation?oAre you willing to give up whatever it takes to get what you say you want?oWill you stop raising your lifestyle every time you raise your income?•You can budget everything if you are willing to stick to your plan•Celebrate accomplishment of your goals•Getting a second job, diverting raises and other free cash flow from retired debt can be a powerful wealth building tool•Be clear on what is a need versus a want•Spend time getting to know yourself and then make the best parts of you better and manage your weaknesses•Be clear about your “why” and don’t waver from your pursuit of it when times get hard•Know that you can be the catalyst for generational wealth•Living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t have to be your way of life•You don’t have to repeat the example that your parents provided. It is ok to only take the things that align with what you want for your life.•Take measured risk to get closer to your goals•Cultivate a disciplined lifestyle•Be weary of do nothing days•Be patient with your partner if they don’t understand the changes you are making in your life. In the end they are likely to support you if you are truly committed to the change.•If what you have been doing isn’t getting you the results you desire find someone who has done what you want to do and share your situation with them. They may be willing to help you move closer to your dreams.•The road to happiness is a tough journey that will continually evolve. It is up to you to take complete responsibility for making progress on your worthy pursuit.Duron’s desire to give away $500,000 a year is audacious and inspiring and I’m certain he will get there through his disciplined lifestyle.As you can see there were many great ideas and concepts shared on this call. If you missed the call or want to revisit some of the conversation I have attached a link to the recording here. We are seeing more and more people accessing the recordings. We really appreciate you being a champion for our cause! Thanks for sharing the link with your network and inviting others to join the call!Find out more at www.dreamsshouldbereal.comFind out more about real estate apartment/multi-family investing with Jerome Myers at www.d3v3loping.com or www.myersmethods.com

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then I would I would dream about not not on anybody. I only have only having to pay the monthly bills monthly bills being only had to pay for. It only had to put gas in my car. I didn't have a car paint. I would dream about that. How much extra money that I would have in my makeup that could do other things with it. I couldn't leave a legacy that I could actually change my life. So enrichment is Longstreet called Brush, and as I was dealing with his unhappiness, I take drives in my Toyota Tercel down down Broad Street. Real Longstreet. I would use that the fake. During that drive, I would play the CD by Little Brother. It was called Skull Get Back and on that CD I just recognized today we went back to look for the name of the song is actually called Drink Fine. I had a line in that soul or his verse that says, Do you really wanna win or just look good losing? And that it's almost like at that point I made the paradigm shift of my life and recognized that I was looking to lose, had a life car had a apartment. I was going out every weekend. I was spending money at a girlfriend. We do a small little weekend trips from the outside, and I was living good when really $62,000. That was wait. I wasn't happy with my job. Life wasn't really going away that I felt it should. So, like I said that that day in my life or that, listening to that song on that drive and just taken, I was like, I have to turn my life

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around. Stop before Wait Thanks all for tuning into dream catchers where we make things happen. Dream Catchers was formally launched to unlock the hidden potential and successful, self motivated individuals who desired to take their life's work to the next level but needs support. So evolved we are a collective group of professionals with various backgrounds that use our talents to assist those individuals and realize in their wildest dreams by providing education, inspiration and direction. This five cast is where we share the lessons we've learned along the way to catching our dreams and give you some context around the high and the wide to each approach to put you further ahead on the journey to catching your dream. Are you ready?

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So tonight we will be hearing from one of the original lab members. Iran is gonna talk with motive, leaving on a journey. Ron. Hey, everybody. I hope everybody's all well tonight. I just want to say thank thanks for allowing me to share my story with everybody on the trap called right. Hope you could gain some nuggets of knowledge from it. You could take it back to your life and applying it to life and use it successfully. All right. I want to start to call off my portal to call off with Hey, I wanna be thanks to Jerome. Like I was one. The original tribe members, I might have been, like, part of the actual experiment on the recognition that there was something there that Jerome could actually help coach. He pretty much well woven into my fabric of my success story. Just wanted to say thanks to Rome from providing guidance, asking those tough questions which I mostly appreciate those tough questions that need those tough answers. The provokes thought that you keep those coming throughout my life. That's what it takes being afraid I'm a little maybe getting a little cold going on, but I want I'm gonna keep this real informant. If you have any questions while I'm talking, please just hop in asking questions while I'm going, I'm going through this. Try to keep this brief in short, so we can ask a lot of questions at the end, A little back and forth. My story I was I was breaking it down and I was looking at it on a little sheet. Hear my story had a couple of defining moments in my life, and the defining moments was consistent stuff away in this moment knowing my why exhibiting patients on ability, taking rid and, uh, exhibiting discipline, which is pretty much sums up my story. So if you want to write down a few keys, that's a few keys that helped me get to this point. Self awareness. Normal. Why? Patients vulnerability, taking risks. And to start off my story. I'll start with knowing my wife. This is This is pretty much problem throughout all throughout my entire story. Why I do what I do and the reason I do what I do because I didn't want to grow up in the same situation. I didn't want to have the same situation that my parents had when they were raising. So my parents both, um, always worked to job. We never We never struggled. So it wasn't like we were poor house, a little middle class, middle class household. But we never, never had a family vacation. Never, never had, Like a lot of super success outside of living paycheck to paycheck. It wasn't like that. It wasn't like a super struggles. Not a sad story. It's not. It's not a good time story, anything like that. We were just a real middle class family, but my parents were two jobs and they worked a lot. Worked a lot of the point where I didn't recognize that I didn't see my dad a lot until I was like the age of 11. And then my mom was working two jobs as I was in high school and stuff like that, so, so normal. Why is wanting to provide a stronger financial household than my parents? Actually at AD probably the biggest one that I have right now, is leaving a legacy of generational wealth war to the the next generation of Chandlers are people that are my little touch. I'll start the story off out in college, as you've probably seen for Instagram or Facebook. Have you seen from my mom's couch to, ah, venture capitalists? After I graduated college, I didn't have a job. Went home, didn't have much going on. I was still making T shirts over those that know me. I was making teachers in college. I was still making T shirts at home, so I had a little pocket later. I went about two years without it. Didn't didn't really accrue any dead or anything at that time. Outside of the I had roughly $43,000 in student loans, and I wasn't really doing much to pay those off. Outside of making student loan payments, the minimum studio painting I went like two years without a job. Finally got a job at UPS Freight from Recognize. I wasn't making money there I was working in Central Dispatch was the next magic position, but I recognize that was making a play there. Move going to north of grooming worked there for nine years. At least five years in the city of Ah, in the county of Chester. But I also learned there that was a big fan of money, either. But let me let me hit rewind. I forgot to bring in some point from college, so I want to talk about self awareness. Talk about normal. Why my parents and leaving the legacy self awareness. So there was this one time in college. I asked my roommate to help me with my homework, and he said he couldn't at that time, and I legit got mad in that. In that moment of me getting mad, I went outside and I thought to myself, Why am I mad? Because he can't help me with my whole heart. It's my overs. That moment of me recognizing that I'm mad because somebody couldn't help me with my homework, has stuck with me my entire life as a moment of taken full responsibility of what's mine. So from from that point on from that point on that I haven't earned in my head, and I must take responsibility of what's mine nobody else on this planet is going to do for me. But from that point on, I take full responsibility for everything that goes on. I've been a goes on with in my life that I can actually control. And then that graduated college will mean romantic Benton College woman. I used to exchange magazines about financial, financial, financial, business. What? We just sit on the stoop of our apartment building and talk about who actually owned the apartment complex and how that must be nice. So to live a life where you getting all of these? I think we're paying through 95 a month from all these people and have that considered the life we sustain Fortune magazines and Black Enterprise magazine. I was interested in being financially free, but like I said, I got that a lot from watching how my parents grew up in water. Girl wants to do something different, and also one of the magazine came home from school. Like I said, I didn't have a job. Finally, get a job. Two years was working and I so good at my parentshouse, I started buying things I shouldn't shouldn't have. I had a four wheeler about you pick up truck. At this point, I did not buy the Cadillac, but I bought all this stuff and I still wasn't paying down my debt. So I had a bunch of project cars around my mom's house, had an apartment. I was being re lord, and I also had still had 48,000 or $42,000 a studio. I rolled in that into I started gaining weight, started, started living what I thought was a happy life. I was going out every weekend drinking and partying, getting up. Goto work Monday you do it all over again, wasn't getting, wasn't getting out of debt. They only gaining weight. If you know me, I'm a small frame guy. I got up to 25 which is not good for Ah, 58 man. Look, he's all muscle. But I got pretty heavy and then wipes in the background touch back then, one day I realized that I was unhappy. I was unhappy with the way we work was going. I was happy with paying bills the way I was paying. The bills are happy with weight gain and just just so happened around this time. I Roman I started talking to back fairly frequent, so we were talking back and forth and had a long call with him one day after work about reaching happiness. Searching for happiness takes that nature. And that was another defining moment cause that call helped me recognize once again that I had to take responsibility for the things that's going on in my life and that the search for happiness is also gonna be a tough one Death. Appreciate more for having that conversation from there. We didn't. I think they call it. Took place in 2000. Kid Keeper. Try to give you a timeline to try to keep 2011 somewhere in that time frame. By then I had bought another car. So at that point I had my pride and joy. My Cadillac C T S V. So that would take my grand told of debt up to $62,000 including the student loans. Then I would I would dream about not not on anybody. I only have only having to pay the monthly bills monthly bills being only had to pay for it only had to put gas in my car. I didn't have a car paint. I would dream about that. How much extra money that I would have in my makeup that could do other things with it. I could leave a legacy that I could actually change my life. So enrichment is Longstreet called Brush. And as I was dealing with his unhappiness, I take drives in my Toyota Tercel down down Broad Street. Real Longstreet. I would use that the fake. During that drive, I would play the CD by Little Brother. It was called Kyle Get back. And on that TV I just recognized today we went back to look for the name of the song is actually called Drink Fine. They had a line in that soul or his verse that says, Do you really wanna win or just look good losing? And that it's almost like at that point, I made the paradigm ship of my life and recognize that I was looking good. Losing head of life car had a department. I was going out every weekend. I was spending money at a girlfriend. We do a small little weekend trips from the outside, and I was living good when really $62,000. That was Wait. I wasn't happy with my job. Life wasn't really going away that I felt it should so like I said that that day in my life or that listening to that song on that drive and just taken I was like, I have to turn my life around. I'm a stop before at the turmoil and also the talk with Rome, and that has to do with being vulnerable. Vulnerability helped me out by just opening up to somebody talking total about what I was going through. What? What I had going on expose me to things that could do and that also allowed me to actually share my financial. Now, this is this is fast forwarding all the way up to 2014 2014. I got a job. I moved to Maryland, could recognize that I needed to up my income. So I moved to Washington D. C with my wife. Uh, well, that that girlfriend you moved to D. C. I moved to watching in D. C with my wife girlfriend, and we had a nice little apartment, and one day I sent Rome over roll over my finances. It isn't being very vulnerable, you know, most people don't like to share their actual numbers of what they're making with, but I tend not to care about being judged. I recognize that we're all human people gonna judge you anyway, so I don't really care. So I hit him over the row and we talked about Rose. You said you got a whole lot of extra money in this. And then we talked about what? That waas in. I started making concessions. I started cutting out stuff that wasn't necessary. And I looked up that dangerous old and we talked about that on September Knife of 2014 on November in the Wood in November of 2014 I sold my cat. Yeah, that that was I didn't recognize it was that close to today. The time frame was that close. I had no plans to actually sell The Cadillac had actually paid it off in a in a very short time frame. Had no plans, actually sell it. But I recognize that I could sell it for the same amount of money that I paid for it. So I sold the Cadillac, took that money and put it towards my steam loco. So if you think about that, that not at the time they're not $20,000 off of my students. So you take a plate down dollars. Every type of $40,000 that mean only had 20 $20,001 to deal with with my last, which which was great, which is great. And and in that time frame, like I said, I had moved to Maryland. I had increased my income by 21%. So I was throwing extra money on the world's that way. Sold the car, extra money going on the world. That way, a girlfriend and I at a time decided, You know what didn't like Maryland. Let's make a move. So we moved to Virginia, where we cut our expenses again. Save $400 on, don't you think? How do you move from Maryland to Northern Virginia and save money? I don't know how we did it. We probably couldn't catch that deal ever again in our life, but it was a deal for a nice apartment, and we still live in the apartment till this day. And it's funny. Are are expensive. Still haven't gotten to the point that we're paying in Maryland Thursday, which is awesome, but I save money there. Every time I would cut to save money, I would not stand the money. I was saving that money I was saving with automatic. And you go to debt pain media immediately paying off the debt. Roman, I talked about what? Actually, my financials. We talked about debt snowball and paying off student loans as fast as possible. I was I was able to do that to get the ball rolling, so all the extra money was going towards paying off your student loans. I also had a little money saved on the side. Something I think at the time that had about $5000 saved. Just just set aside for emergencies. Oh, are you know, life happens. You have a little cash. Besides, I also had that. So you're trying to put together the story of things I had going on had I had extra money, the pelvis, two loads and also set aside probably about like $5000. Just step aside for the life of things happening from there. I got a part time job, so I sold the Cadillac in November 2014. I also got a part time job and bows in November 24. So at this point, I'm working two jobs. I'm working probably upwards of 70 hours a week, go between two jobs somewhere in the eighties, actually between two jobs. But the money from my actual part time job I wasn't even seen. It was going directly to paying off my student. So at this point, I had laser like focus. Oh, and getting the student loans paid off in this time frame. I did do a few things with the wife of one of the crews, I believe, before the loading paid off small weekend trips. I'm a firm believer that you can pretty much budget everything you can, but people's birthdays you could budget your car in charge your groceries. You can budget gas very front. Believer that if you sit down and take a hard look at your money, you can pretty much budget everything and figure out where your money needs to go. So I still wanted to live life while I was doing this laser like focus, but I wasn't taking many trips. Like I said, a small weekend trips. My woman, I just went to Ocean City rarely, but the biggest ship we did take me to take a little five day cruise by November 2015 loans were actually paid off. I still have that letter. I'm thinking about getting afraid that saying that you loan account is paid in full. That's that's something That's a very good feeling when you get that in, because now all the extra money that you have from cutting your expenses, getting the part time job you now have at your disposal to do what you want. So instead of me going out shopping, I did buy a few things. I bought a pair of sneakers to celebrate that I paid off my load. I couldn't show you which ones they were now probably only wear. But I did buy myself one pair of sneakers. So celebrate that moment, which which was then from their way, continue. My wife and I, we finally got married. Well, that doesn't get sticky, sticky stuff Here, let me. They got weed killer on details of what? I actually had my apartment over my last call that I didn't talk about that when I moved to Merlin. If you came my apartment, you know, like, why is this guy living like a broke college? I had one chair, had a TV on the nightstand at a full size bed where she slept and I slept on the floor. I had a small 27 27 inch TV on the nightstand, and I have my computer stuff that I used to make T shirts. That was in my bike. I had my trek bike that I used still ride every once in a while. Now I got a new bike now, thank God, but that's the only thing I had. So I cut. I really come my life down to bare minimum things that I need. We didn't have cable. We had Internet. I will watch TV through a friend's passwords, watch Netflix to a friend like most people did anything that you would look as as an expense of having a living life. I probably looked at it as you know what. That's a luxury. I could do it out. Food, love that had food and somewhere to sleep. Like I slept on the floor of my wife slept, and the bulls that bad to adults are not made to see the full. It's kind of tough, but wait, did that for a while. We sleep in the bed occasionally but I step on the floor most for most of that for four year time frame way. We really cut everything down to the bare minimum of still driving. The Turks sail till this day. All while I was doing all this cutting, I was still investing in my company. For one case, I wasn't. I was always trying to make sure that I maxed out the match because I don't like missing free money. So I was able to do that. Started a new company in 2016 which then raised my income another 18%. So at that time, I pretty much baseline my life off what I was making When I first moved to Maryland, and after cutting the expenses, I didn't raise my living expenses at all. So all the extra money that I get from raises and things of that nature I don't spend it is allocated to either investing in saving. So till this day, I still the same thing. It's either allocated to investing the safe. I got married last year. We had a very small wedding, but it's a very small I mean, like 17 people. I probably could have had a big wedding, but I didn't want to pay for it. Right now. We're currently working on my wife's student loan. That's it's about $30,000.35,000 dollars that were working to pay off One thing that we wish I would have thought about. Back then I probably would not have bought her a ring of the money that I spent in the ring. I would've gave her to put on a student loan so we could get a weekend. Got it, that we're a team, that we can get out and get a lot faster. That would have that would probably my only thing. I was changing this, and throughout this I said I was always investing for one case. So I have a nice, hefty 401 K and other investments through. I don't know if you want to call the Sean. Sean is my financial adviser and investment to him as well. And right now I have a portfolio of about Well, I'm part of a portfolio of about $3 million in real estate. I get off the most about $3 million I did all this. I just noticed the other day like you looking my taxes. I never made over $100,000 a year. So for everybody that think you gotta make all this kind of money to do this. I've never made over $100,000 a year, and I was able to pay off all this. You got to be willing to live within your means and live well below your means to get to a point where you could you could free yourself financially. Might be a little uncomfortable in in the beginning, but a little uncomfortable Now live the little little Nice later. But for me, it's all about leaving a legacy. I'm trying to get to the point in my life where I can give away as close to half a $1,000,000 a year in charitable donations and things of that nature to other people to better their lives. So that's one of my driving goals. I don't roll over. Remember that day we were in the car? We're talking. Come through. D c ran a rent check guy. I want to give away. Ah, I want to give away 1/2 a $1,000,000. I've been working on that ever since. No, that's pretty much where I'm at right now. The film's budget. But I would not like that next military portfolio close to $100,000 stocks and bonds and other kind of investments in things of that nature. Like I've never met over $100,000 so hard that I gotta go. I'll never forget that day. We're in the GDR. We're down. Oh, yes, In this business owner. What he does, he breaks it down for a car to car. Hey, All right, all right, all right. My face with my life so hard, man, tell me about the given away. Half a $1,000,000 a year. How does one become interested in such a generous gold? You might recognize this, that I don't know if a lot of people, every time you talk to me about something or you asking something I always ended with. I'm here to help, as almost like my life mission. And I didn't realize I'm here to help in half a $1,000,000 a year. Actually started off with me just trying to help out my family. So if I passed away, they would have 1/2 a $1,000,000 to Thio. Take everything Well, I've well exceeded that. Go. I passed away. My family is doing well, But now I'm like I can help out the people that there's plenty of people in my life that I would love to help out a. C and he grow and use the monetary value that I can to help better. They laugh so happily in dollars really got there because that means I would be making a substantial amount of money where I'm living. I'm living well. Everybody that's close to me is happy or should be financially in a good situation, and half $1,000,000 would not bother me to give away. So it started with family. Didn't just good everybody else. So job in the 1919 96 Toyota Tercel car payment is not going to give me closer to my goal, at least not right now. Now it's I'm not gonna lie. It is hard. It's hard to get that constant. It is. I literally had physical reactions. Sometimes I pulled up, but what kind of weapon drop me off at my car and I had a physical reaction of not wanting to get in that car. But I recognize me having a carpet right now is never going to get in close to a go, at least not right. Well, I buy the car way. We've been blessed to have a child on the way, so I will have to be forced to get in the car. But for involved as I can, I will go with driving that car because it's paid for. It's very maintenance I spend. My problem's been less than $1000 in that car a year. I got a gas left in the left, left in $2000 in the car, and it gets me from point A to point B. So whenever I have what I call a weak moments when I don't want to get in the car or I saw you looking to buy a car seriously, I always think about always think about somebody going to the Oscars, somebody going to the Indies. They're going to the actual awards ceremony to get to the ward. So whether they got there in a taxi or whether they got there in the baddest middle up, they're still only going to the opportunity. So how how I get there. They'll doing the job right now? So when will you decided that enough is enough for driving the turtle? Yeah, I don't I don't know if I think it would have to be a time where second, we have a kid on the way and I can't. And my life's gone with the car that actually accommodates. Ah, baby, she just you know. Okay, You know what I'm about? It's gonna take some, like a sticky situation for me to be like, You know what, but in the future plans, I was gonna talk about this in the in the fusion pants. It's looking like we may be moving back to Richmond to save money and pay off student loans faster, moving back to Richmond so we could be closer for childcare reasons. Because we can utilize family, everybody that's paying child care. I know they know how much childcare is. So, uh, way looked at it. And we recognize that paying for child care and paying off student loans probably not gonna happen in a timely manner. So that's on the table for us right now. So why we moved back to Richmond? I will still be able to utilize my wife's parents cars. And my parents called me that nature so herself might still be around for a while while while we're paying off student loans and probably getting a little deeper into the real thing. Okay, this sounds like an addiction. I know you. Have you ever seen here? Everybody hates Chris. Yeah, Yeah, I did. Who are you right now? Because I feel like you have to be that way. So you get to a certain point. Come on. If you're really trying to get the financial freedom, you can't waste pennies on certain stuff. Now have I'm human. So I have vices and addictions. You call my house. Probably have, like, 100 bobblehead dolls. Notice. Focus Those air about $8 a piece. You do the math, but I'm not out here. Not in the life. It's just that it's chocolate. It's Kathleen. I'm not going to spend money on something that even not bringing me direct happiness tohave or not moving forward towards my goal. I recently bought a bike this this year, and if you know anything about rode bikes and things, that nation, you know, they're they're not cheap. I saved up for about two years so I could actually purchases. Like I got tired of my friends leaving me on do prize. So I gotta But I call it selective. Extravagant, right. Very select. Very select Iran. Just Howard. I really feel encouraged that you say it like you chose not to buy a new car even though you probably could buy new cars going to good use like I'd be like, Oh, I want to go by the truck. But not that's not going anywhere. I want to be in the short term or long term. Eso appreciate hearing your story on that. Well, uh, they think the champion and it's definitely tough. Like I said, I want to know when bad, but looking at my goals, looking at the goals that you get to get. Howard, that's the same truck from college. I actually got another triple called since college, but I bought a truck from my brother about what it's like a whole three, like wait till the truck pay for itself. A speaking tour, somebody, people having found half finish it. I think that's a continuation journey. I am. I'm very happy and where I'm at right now in love with my wife. But I have a kid, which is like super exciting, scary at the same time. I like what my job is that right now, which is good. But let's not get it twisted. I'm always looking to leave 90 95 life. I don't want to get that, uh, hoping to get that divided. I'm not looking to stay a corporate forever. I happened to the journey and I'm awake and that that's probably something that I recognized as I was walking down this path. You won't talk about the food deserts and your passion on nutrition. I haven't really fresh is all out yet, but my father has Abby and I've watched it, um, kind of tear his body apart, right? And I watch other family members were diabetes cancer, 10 Chandimal, part helpful health wise. And that's one of the reasons why I should be out in a certain way and try to work out with one a lot thinking that. But I also recognize if you're driving through the hood or if you have a certain areas you know is that there are no healthy places the grocery stores. Not even like a Panera. You know, like something somebody could buy decent food, healthy food, vegetables, something that's not in the box in the corner stores or like Fast Mart, McDonald's, Taco Bell chickens. I recognize how food directly affected taken you moved and how how you function and how it does comedian in the family. And I'm very interested in providing a solution. Toa actual food agents where people can go somewhere, get healthy food, and you could teach people how to prepare healthy food and how to store healthy from a lot of people that are living in those areas. Probably goto work and don't have time like cook every night. You could teach people out of food. Prep effect is that nature so that the kids in the future the legacy stuff, the kids in the future could have food, so they will be hungry and they could go to school and feel better about themselves. Let a little I don't know if you've ever been hungry before, like Hungry 100 Hard to take hard concentrate. It's hard to do stuff when hungry, so that is one of my one of my passions that I'm looking to take up and figure out what we're working on. These So why you still working? Blow me. Did the did the safety of the emergency fund you? There's all your dad that, uh why are you still working the burns? I actually like the staff there, which is I could win them to quit one day. And the manager was like, You know what? Just stay on one day, one day a week turned in, like two days in that turn in three days and back to work on a regular schedule. But I like to have their which is one reason I actually decided to stay. But another reason is I could. The money now is being used to invest and being used to pay off, helping out my wife's to load. So the money now is being used to go deeper and deeper into investments. You can't create generational wealth while making a sacrifice. It's times what I do not want to go in the boat, and I let my wife know all the time. I really don't feel like going in today. It's such if I had a long day of a full time job as a product manager. Cisco double customer issues all day there. I don't want to really go in and talk to somebody about about have votes, but to give away to give away half a $1,000,000 a year to leave a legacy behind to continue to invest in the growth. I gotta make a sacrifice. I gotta suck it up. It wasn't while just going in and continue to sell my time for money. So I continue to do so that he is not. But like I said, a lot of it is most majority. This is focused on the end goal of getting to the point where I could give away half a $1,000,000 a year. I could leave a legacy for for my family to live well off. So, yeah, I still worked there. What about clothes? Said. And nobody ever said they had too much money. I had a friend as you one day. Why do you still work there in that friend replied to that friend of anybody ever been There was money? Yeah, I'm utilizing the captain. I'm making their in other ways, mostly in there, Which is what this is I got in a little bit later. What is your biggest weakness is biggest week night. Communicating fully. What? I'm No, I could I could do that sometimes. Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing, but I will communicate directly to somebody directly effects which, which would have the wife would have been business partners and things. That nature it comes into play that definite coming to play. So butt out. I feel like I know what I'm doing, or I don't know where I'm going, but I don't communicate that effectively. So the next person that that definitely hurts being disciplined to a fault. I, uh I've been I've been accused of that being so focused. This is one that I can get in this household. Is that what I said? It go pretty much. Nothing's gonna get in my way. My wife told me, actually, Yeah, I know what you get your mind off it like you're not. You're not going to stop until you actually got it done. Figured out to the point where you could let it go, so that stuff could actually something actually turning the witnesses, not do not play to your favor yet. I also joined a bit late, and I may have missed it. But can you share well quickly if you had checked before the areas that you are investing in? So right now, deep into the real estate, I'm like I said about $3 million I'm invested in. The group has about trillion dollars, and you really think, other than that I have have stocks, have a lot of stock in my old company, which was north of Graham and a lot of stock for the dragon. I'll also have large cap fun of foe on Kay's from jobs and things of that nature that I'm definitely reaching the employer Mac set, which was marked Have Fun MidCap Fund Vanguard and I could not think of the last one that you wanted, like name of the Indexes that I had invested in a chimney grow well, really hated the biggest little What kind of real estate? Oh, multi family, multi family. My family is the way to go. Apartment building, just like me was, we were sitting on the stoop of Collegiate Common, while the Aggies people kind of think about who owns that. We're trying to get to the point where we own that Where where we could be the people that are connected through 95 a month Thio leave a legacy by. So that is that is that is the focus on the goal right now. Multi family vault, multiple doors Those two years Two years ago somebody tell you you'd be sitting where you sit right now. How do you respond to that? I am optimistic. So out. Like how? How am I getting that we've Please please explain. But I really buy the bill like No way. Because two years ago I was working at a job that I didn't really like May have just paid off my student loans. I I don't think it would've grew as fast so good this far. You know, it definite might have been in no way. But I'm ah, naturally optimistic kind of person when it comes to certain things, and I guess it as well. Can you please explain me how I got there? Follow little steps in one of the most rewarding parts of the journey. For me in your story was the day you call me and tell me that you paid all quality or consumer debt and mother was left, was the student loan. And you were, like, eight months ahead of schedule or something. Yeah. Yeah. And you told me how long it's gonna take to pay the student loan off. And then I think the next time you grew, the car was gone. E, I think the amount of time to think you were saying it like you're about to do that long. And I was like, Yeah, I'll be done in the six months it is. You know what that was Making the tough decisions At that time, I was emotionally detached myself away from the car so I wouldn't drive a lot. I would toy with putting it up for sale to see if I got need bite. So unlike cars not come things of that nature, I would try not to think about it. I would instead of driving that back in Port Richmond, I would drive the terror cell to Richmond and back. I was emotionally attaching myself away from them from actually owning the car. I don't know if you could tell from the statements of a car guy for but that doesn't know what the call. So I really enjoyed driving, really enjoy sports cars. That was a very nice sports car that I had recognized that if I wanted to get there and the timely matter, I wanted to get to wear this financial freedom and Italian about it. I had to have. They have to be able to do this multiple times, so I can't just do this for the car, then probably come another point in my life. Well, I'll have to let go of something that I like like that, you know, saying so further myself. And this was kind of just like Step one. I'll let this go. I let it go. I do miss it, but I reckon like I said, I recognize that it was for a bigger game. I think the front cooler part for me grow waas. It opened up the door for you to take other rest. Like I don't know that you would have left ups are left Norfolk, Graham and are some of the other stuff that you've done as you not proven to yourself that you could be successful. You could set the goal, accomplished the goal and then start over where you know, be successful in using just at it that courage to take the risk based on I guess previous successful outcomes is his core. Yeah. You know what I forgot to mention? I put taking a risk in the beginning down. That's one of the one of the key components. During what I saw when I first started investigating real estate, I didn't have I didn't have a lot of money and what I would invest waas I was investing my safety net. Granted my saving. That was small, but I was I was I would invested to see what happened because it was small. I wasn't scared. I wasn't, like, scared I could make this back, But it was also about safety net. Ah, lot of people tell you don't invest in stating that if I hadn't invested my safety net, there's no way I would be here, right here right now where I'm at. I'm not giving the advice for anybody to arrest perfectly, and that is probably like the worst advice. Aah! Aah! Financial advisor would ever give. And I'm not giving it to anybody that don't go saying runs that invest my safety net cause that's anything. But I did that at the time because I recognised to get to a certain point, get to the point of reach, I have to take risks. I have to take someone because by taking that at that time was small enough to take a risk with big enough to also make an investment with. I decided to make that event and because I made that investment, I'm able to do that investing that I'm doing now So that that $5000 that I was using to invest in real estate bags in has turned turn into my fair of a through window portfolio. You said that Ben three million on portfolio. Yeah. I don't want to say any more. I don't like to think about it. And the bigger it gets, it gets me nervous. I get butterflies. I think about e think is gonna be your ground. Yeah, it's gonna grow. I know it's gonna grow. It's amazing thing that we're working together, So I know so blossom and be out of this world. That's probably one of the key components into me being able to give away $5000 a year right now I still get nervous just thinking about it. But because the numbers will be Tonto, If you had to think that, I guess over your life what what prepares you? This level of discipline? My dad, my dad, probably be a lot for this level of discipline, and that was through sports and other other activities. I remember doing the summer vacations and things of that nature could. My dad was a school teacher. He also had a second job when he drove trucks. He will be home during the day. Job tricks that make and I was involved in basketball baseball plays. Saxophone also did karate, and this was some are just taking. Remember, I wasn't going to like summer school in any summer program, and I was kind of just laying around the house, and my dad would make me new of making me practice any one of those sports or disciplines that I was in. He will always say you can't have do nothing days and that that is something that really drove drove over me. You can't have do nothing days. If you're trying to get to a goal and try to get somewhere, you really can't have days where you don't do anything to achieve that goal, to achieve our goals, so that that has a lot to do with the actual discipline of me, like staying on task, stand on top of things. I know that I can't have do nothing days if I really want to reach that. Also, just just playing sports, having great great football, mental or great baseball coaches and things of that nature, like help drive that home. And as far as financial discipline, it's probably it's It's my household that that I grew up in and my prayers never talked about finances or anything with us kid, which I encourage everybody to do. But I recognize that they would have arguments in their arguments would never be about this. Never about love was never in love. That argument was always about finding. So I always wanted to get a grip on my family so that one day when I'm married to that, I would never have argument about it. Jones Day. Now would. We never had argument finance, but there has got to go back to do with that actually gets a plane of know what was going on in your household knowing the money. No, who get paid and Noah. But you're actually trying to do as a couple. I would chalk it up to discipline toe apparent. If I'm getting too personal, you can say you can decline. Plead fit. But how? What? What do you do when your partner is not disciplined? You are what you get for that. I tryto I'm patient, which I don't know. I don't know where I got that from. My mother got Obama getting that patient and you should lead by example and teach. My wife and I have been together. We'll be married for a year, but we've been together for 10 years. She she's seen this. She's seen the gamut of me go from Bala Status Janitor Sale. We've lived together for five of those years, so she's seen again. She's just paint over solos. We probably could have squeeze hers in there somewhere, but she's learned the discipline from probably watching and talking about it and teach and cattle like doing doing small teaching moment so you can cut money here. You could cut money there well and showing her my actual budget. My hook. Here's a look at my budget. This is what I do. You know, just being being patient, being patient. If you love them, you will be patient. You'll be kind and you will kind of nurture them along the way. I figure out what works best for her, like what works best for me is cutting a lot of stuff off. You know, I don't need that under you. This I don't need that. She might need a little more than I do, you know, saying, too take care of things. So there's a process of learning what works best for her and got a national through that process, so that seem to be nice. Difficult transition. I think some people have waiting there when partner maybe really good about saving and the other one is sitting in fact is they get it now. But I got lucky because she's a saver. But she she's She was not hard to see that hard to teach, and she was already very decent with her body. So for me to pass well, tips it wasn't it was hard. I definitely got lucky. And then aspect. So what would you tell yourself when you're sitting. If you could go back in time because you're sitting on Khalid ritzheimer steps. What would you tell yourself? Uh, there's a way to help get you a little further along to your right now. Wow. Um wow. Talk about this. I probably would tell myself get a budget as soon as you get to college. Budget Every single penny. Look, look at your loans. Your student lows as something that you can actually pay off. And you could get rid of keep a roommate So everybody knows how to use Excel. I would. So getting excel budget? It's not. It's not hard to keep a budget, track your money and get a roommate to cut expenses. Surround yourself by like minded people or people that are really going for something to achieve these goals. All this stuff sounds cliche. You probably ended on a YouTube video of some motivational speech, but these things actually work. And don't delay. I didn't need the Catalan. I didn't need the truck. I didn't need to Four. Well, I didn't need all those things. Okay? Thank you. I mean, you maybe think about something, so I appreciate that Nobody looking at my notes here. Some of the stuff that I have down here training the Sallie Mae load that 14.7 actress it. What was I doing that out of this world? Greta paid it off. If I had not made that up early, I would have paid them people. 24,000 would've been actually $12,000 to lows that people taking what you want Takeaway was Let's take away thought for the night. Now you you are responsible. If this goes bad, it goes back to that moment When B. J told me he couldn't help me with my homework and I got mad and I had and I had to sit down and self evaluate. I am responsible for things that go on in my life. I can't blame anybody else. I can't look at anybody else. I can't blame my upbringing. What? I know better now you have to take responsible for your life. It is yours. You own it much. If you don't, somebody else will only put you gotta go. You gotta grab the bull by the horns. They're well, Thank you. I'm Doron. We're sharing again. I'm looking. If anybody had any questions, you could reach out to get my email information, even my phone information. If you want to talk about some things, I'm always open air of no financial adviser. I can help you budget, but I can tell you where the invention. But I think I would refer you to the show. Kept one of the travel, but I'm here to help that. Get out. Well, thank you. Thank you. Again. Drawn. And for those of you who ask questions tonight, we, uh, we thank you. And if this includes all the questions one barefoot but saying if you like what you saw tonight, you want to learn more about dream cancers. Please visit our website and dreams should be real dot com. If you can think of someone who had been the pipe with opportunity and are willing to share what we're doing with them, we would really appreciate it. Also, before we go, I heard Howard on the couple. Just want to give a shout out to an hour. If you guys not been following him, he has a YouTube, uh, PBS show. Nurse, please. If you get a chicken, go out and check him out, and, uh That's a really good stuff up there. So thank you, guys, for, um, participating tonight. It was a really, really good call. Like the questions. So we look forward to seeing you

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guys in a couple weeks. Get it? You live. And that's just what I did. You know? You know I love that night. No.